How Our Digital Marketing Agency Increased Online Bike Store's Revenue by 300% in Just One Year


As a digital marketing agency, we recently had the opportunity to work with a high-check Shopify online bike store business. The client was struggling with low conversion rates and a low return on ad spend (ROAS), and they turned to us for help. We provided them with a range of services, including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Email Marketing, and the results we achieved for the client were truly remarkable.
We began by fixing tracking and data transfer issues from Shopify to Google Ads, which allowed us to accurately track the performance of our campaigns. We also segmented Shopping campaigns and modified Search campaigns by adding extensions, rewriting ad copy, and adding new keywords and negatives. These changes helped to increase the ROAS by 100% in the first month of our cooperation.
Over the next six months, we continued to optimize the client's ad campaigns, which led to a significant increase in ROAS. By the end of the six-month period, we had achieved a ROAS of 850%, which was a huge improvement over the starting ROAS of 250%. This was a result of our ongoing efforts to refine the ad targeting, messaging, and placement.
The most impressive result, however, was the total revenue increase of 300% after one year of working with the client. This meant that our efforts had not only driven more conversions but had also increased the average order value and customer lifetime value for the online bike store. The client was thrilled with the outcome of our work and was able to reinvest their profits into further growth initiatives for their business.
This case study demonstrates the power of effective digital marketing strategies and how they can transform the fortunes of a struggling online business. By taking a data-driven approach and continuously optimizing the ad campaigns, we were able to achieve outstanding results for our client. As a digital marketing agency, we are proud to have played a role in helping this online bike store grow and thrive, and we look forward to helping other businesses achieve similar success in the future.

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