Increasing Ad Spend and ROAS for a Multibrand Fashion Store


The Challenge:
Our client, a multi-brand fashion store, was struggling to increase their ad spend while maintaining their return on ad spend (ROAS). They had previously invested heavily in Google Ads but were not seeing the desired results. Our agency was tasked with improving the effectiveness of their Google Ads campaigns and increasing their ROAS.
The Solution:
To address the client's challenges, we took the following steps:
1. Conducted detailed market research: We analyzed the fashion industry landscape and identified the most profitable areas to invest in.
2. Resegmented products: We reorganized the client's product offerings to create more targeted ad groups and campaigns.
3. Focused on main fashion brand categories: We honed in on the client's most popular fashion brands and categories to maximize their advertising budget.
The Results:
After just two months of working with our agency, the client saw a significant improvement in their Google Ads performance. Here are the results we achieved:
1. Increased ROAS by 54%: By optimizing their campaigns and resegmenting their products, we were able to increase the client's ROAS by 54%.
2. Achieved target ad spend: Despite increasing the client's ad spend, we were able to keep their costs within budget and achieve their targets.
3. Improved conversion rates: Our optimized product titles and targeted campaigns led to an increase in conversion rates, resulting in more sales and revenue for the client.
Our agency was able to help the client achieve their marketing goals by identifying the most profitable areas to invest in, resegmenting their campaigns, and crafting compelling ad copy. The significant increase in ROAS and conversion rates demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach and the value we can provide to our clients.

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